Nights Awards ’11

This is the event that all the Romanian clubbing scene is waiting on the beginning of every year. At the ninth edition, the awards party recognized winners on 21 categories, the most wanted being the one for Best Romanian DJ in the year that just ended, this year won by Optick (Bogdan Moldovan). This award represents the fulfillment of that DJ’s success, both on the local and international scenes, where Romanian DJs have been more and more present in 2010. In order to rise up to the expectations from the musical point of view, the special guest of the night was the legendary DJ and producer Doc Martin. Logo treatment / update, poster and flyers for the main and after-hours parties and for the event workshop, flash banners, trophy update, wallpapers, diplomas, invitations, badges, 58 pages booklet, logo pop-up wall (spider). January-February 2011 awards 2011 - event and workshop awards 2011 - main event artwork - poster and flyer - kristal glam club, doc martin, awards 2011 - workshop artwork - poster and flyer awards 2011 - afterhours artwork - poster and flyer design - club space - rosario internullo, mahony, deef awards 2011 - invitations and press awards 2011 - desktop awards 2011 - desktop awards 2011 - poster and awards 2011 - logo pop-up wall awards 2011 - diploma awards 2011 - best romanian dj in 2010 - dj optick with awards 2011 - best concept for a party series - selectro awards 2011 workshop photo - raoul russu

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