Nights Awards ’10 Awards represents a full scan of the clubbing scene in Romania, a probe to measure success through people’s votes. Being the only yearly event of this kind, Awards gathers all the DJs, promoters, party organizers, club managers and romanian artists in the electronic music area, in order to award the best of them. The previous year’s activity of those in Romania is the basis for community members’ votes, and winning a trophy equals the confirmation of an artist’s value and efforts sustained. Logo treatment / update, poster and flyers for the main and afterhours parties and for the event workshop, voting website layout, newsletter, flash banners, trophy update, wallpapers, 54 pages booklet presenting the event, invitations, logo pop-up wall (spider), diplomas, badges, and tv screen backgrounds. January-February 2010 awards 2010 logo awards 2010 - main event artwork, poster and flyer - kristal glam club, valentino kanzyani, best romanian dj in 2009, best romanian vj in awards 2010 - workshop event artwork, poster and flyer - kristal glam awards 2010 - afterhours event artwork, poster and flyer - club rush - ali nasser, ptc, gescunights awards 2010 invitations and press awards 2010 - diploma awards 2010 - sllash and awards 2010 - red bull awards 2010 - event atmosphere awards 2010 - voting website layout

This is the web-page layout for the voting campaign that decides every year the best actors on the local and international electronic music scene.

Above you have seen: the awards 2010 logo treatment with a proposal and the final approved logo for the event, flyers for the main event and the workshop, afterhours flyer and event materials – invitations and press badge, diplomas and awarded artists in front of the logo wall (spider) and a bit of the main party atmosphere.

Below you can see the 54 pages booklet presenting the event, the artists involved and many other information related to the Awards 2010. awards 2010 - desktop awards 2010 - desktop wallpaper

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