“Ego-AlterEgo is a visual exploration of good and evil in art”, an art and design related blog. “Ego-Alterego is the visual journey between the two sides of each of us and of everything, an exploration of the concept that good and evil coexist, constantly at war, within one person, art getting one or another of the sides revealed.” Logo, illustrations, web layout. February-March 2011 Visit website!

ego-alterego - logo designego-alterego - logo designego-alterego - logo design

The logo shows 2 E letters, stylized to look like 2 heads face to face smiling to each other while in the same time forming together a larger smiling face (half lighten, half in shadow).

ego-alterego - illustrations - detailsego-alterego - illustrations - details

The illustrations that accompany the logo in the Ego-AlterEgo’s identity and on the website / blog layout represent the fight between good and evil, the concept being illustrated with contrasts: fire dragon – ice dragon, sun – moon, light – dark, sun – clouds, sky-land, etc. The paper feel style was added to get them more in contact with the art/design theme that the website features.

ego-alterego - logo and illustrations

Logo and illustrations working together.

ego-alterego - logo and illustrationsego-alterego - logo and illustrationsego-alterego - logo and illustrations

More examples of the logo and illustrations working together, that will be used as avatars in the online promotion of the project. website layout

This is the website layout for Ego-AlterEgo design related website. The illustrations, the dragons, as explained above feature the fight between good and evil.

Website layout, illustrations, implementation
March 2011

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