We are currently available for new projects, so we are looking forward to hear from you.

Alex Tassdesign & creativeEmail:
Phone: +960 975 86 67 (GMT+5)
Phone: +40 742 36 42 42 (GMT+5)
Skype: tassvj
Paul Cosminmarketing & promotion


Identity: naming, logo design, stationery design (business cards, envelopes, letterheads), personalized objects design (presentation cds, booklets, folders etc.), brand guidelines / visual identity manual

Graphic design: flyers & posters design (both design and dtp), invitations, brochures, catalogs, CD/DVD covers and booklets, press ads & inserts design, indoor & outdoor banners design, roll-up banners, menus, packaging design

Web: layout design, website implementation, banners, micro sites, portals, online & desktop application interfaces, cms, seo & marketing strategies, usability & security consultancy

Clients. Selection.

· Virgin Radio (FR)
· Lagardère (FR)
· Sony Music (RO)
· P4 Radio (NO)
· Caribbean Energy Conference (TT / US)
· Dubai Internet City (EAU)
· Fuji Printing / Crenative / Warpstyle (JP)
· MGM Casino (RO / US)
· WhoSay (US)
· All Inn Records (HU/IT)
· Bond Records (DE)
· Balance FM (HR)
· The Mission (RO)
· Vibe FM (RO)
· Liberty Parade (RO)
· (RO)
· Sound of London (UK)
· 7en Entertainment Group (CA)
· House Rawyal (MT)
· DjSuperStore (RO)
· Kudos Beach (RO)
· Studio Martin (RO)
· Kristal Glam Club (RO)
· Silver Afterhours (RO)
· The Office (RO)
· Cerebral Art (RO)
· Queensland Digital (AU)
· Dj Optick (RO)
· Rosario Internullo (RO / IT)
· Adrian Eftimie (RO)
· Markus Homm (DE)
· Vika Jigulina (RO)
· Raisani Records (EAU)
· Italtrade (IT / RO)
· CND (US / RO)

More about us.

Alex Tass

· 5 years experience in logo and identity design
· 5 years experience in naming and copy-writing
· 7 years experience in graphic design
· communication sciences and public relations graduate
download my pdf resume (right click & save as)

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Features & recognition.

Logos featured in Los Logos Compass (Los Logos 5), Logo Nest 01 and Logopond 01 books and on Creattica / Logopond / LogoMoose / LogoNest / LogoFromDreams / LogoSpire / LogoGala / theLogoMix / LogoFury / LogoFaves / Logofi / LogoGalleria / CzechLogos / wslogos / LogoHeroes / LogoBliss / LogoTalkz and on many other logo and graphic design related websites.

12.01.01 Starting 2012 we work under Utopia branding agency, a full service agency specialized as the name says on logo design, identity design and branding. All the work will be done in collaboration so this will also be available for the new features, awards and recognition.

11.12.15 3 logos selected for Logopond book 01: Mango, Beautiful Ambition Pictures, Caribbean Energy Conference
11.12.15 Urbamystic: Urban Witchcraft Community - Astrology, Tarot, Magic Spells, Dream Interpretation
11.12.14 Kingline logo is included in '99 Creative Logo Designs for Inspiration' at
11.12.06 J. Capital and logos are featured on Creattica.
11.12.01 New Zealand wine and Brasil wines logos are featured on Creattica.
11.12.01 DesignYourWay includes ZeroPark and New Zealand wine logos in ‘The Great Logos Of November’
11.11.07 ZeroPark, Hands made and IMD logos are featured on Creattica.
11.10.13 ZeroPark logo is featured in LogoPond’s gallery
11.10.10 Azerty, Cittadella, Yashi and Medical Point logos are featured on Creattica.
11.09.13 Web Architecten, One and dj Saint logos are featured on Creattica.
11.08.26 Nextime and Andre Allouette logos are featured on Creattica.
11.08.01 Our website is included in 'Space inspired website designs' on
11.07.07 Some of our logo designs are selected and presented on
11.07.04 Nextime logo is featured in LogoPond’s gallery
11.05.01 DesignYourWay includes Fusion logo in ‘Best logo inspiration in March and April’
11.04.22 chocoladesign selects our website in '15 Inspirational portfolios'
11.04.20 Noa, rora and Bastien Laval logos are featured on Creattica.
11.04.13 Ego-AlterEgo logo is now featured on Creattica too!
11.04.12 Ego-AlterEgo logo got the "Daily Deviation" feature today on DeviantArt! Thank you!
11.03.18 - The Spock Award for "pure website design brilliance" on
11.03.18 is featured on CSS design Yorkshire.
11.03.16 is featured on CSSdownunder.
11.03.13 is featured on CSS design awards.
11.03.03 Happy to see our Brand Events logo in this nice article selection on awwwards.
11.02.27 DesignYourWay includes Beast Media logo in ‘43 of the best logos of January and February’
11.01.26 'Colorful flyers & posters for clubbing events' @
11.01.18 GymLocker and Fusion logos are featured on Creattica.

10.12.31 Les sites web incontournables - Dernière sélection des incontournables pour 2010 @ Webdesigner Trends
10.12.30 Kingline logo was selected to be published in the annual book Logo Nest 01.
10.12.18 Abduzeedo includes some of our flyers in 'Daily Inspiration #693' and also in 'Best of the week 150'.
10.12.16 DesignersCouch posts '200 Inspirational Posters and Flyers'. All 200 are done by... US! WOW! Thank you!
10.12.15 CreativeBite features many of our design works in a special dedicated article. Thank you!
10.12.15 Our website is selected in CSSMania gallery.
10.12.01 6 new logos featured in Creattica's gallery!
10.12.01 DesignYourWay includes Bond logo in the 'Great Logo Designs In November' selection.
10.12.01 New logos featured on Logo from dreams: Cerebral Art, Fusion, Video Art, Zeitgeist
10.11.30 A lot of the 2010 logos got featured on LogoMoose. Thank you!
10.10.05 Yay! The Caribbean Energy Conference logos and are also featured in Los Logos Compass book!
10.10.01 New logos featured on Logo from dreams: Beautiful Ambition Pictures, geodetics, Zigzag
10.09.30 2 of the dzineblog "30 amazing logo with smart typography" are our creations: Cristina and qbical. Nice!
10.09.14 Honored to be selected in InspirationFeed's list of logo designers to follow on Twiter. Thank you Igor!
10.09.07 15 new logos from our portfolio featured since today over Creattica!
10.09.03 FudgeGraphics: "some of the best flyer designs". Thanks ThanLeah for the really nice description!
10.07.20 Logotalks includes us in "showcase of 50 website and portfolio for professional logo designers". Thank you!
10.07.13 mango logo is selected in LogoPond's gallery! This is our 3rd logo selected in the pond's gallery so far.
10.07.01 Happy & honoured, our Dol, Videoart and Delice logos are selected for the Los Logos 5 volume!
10.06.21 WebDesignLedger: "55 Examples of Beautifully Integrated Social Media Links in Web Design".
10.06.14 WebDesignLedger: "48 Examples of Excellent Layout in Web Design". Thank you, Gisele Muller!
10.06.04 Short interview on Gulf News (Dubai) about the HUGO Create challenge book.
10.05.31 Our business cards and wallpaper are featured on Creattica too.
10.05.30 Virgin radio iPhone application redesign proposal is featured on Creattica!
10.05.18 Beautiful Ambition Pictures logo is selected in LogoPond's gallery!
10.05.03 BrandEvents logo included in '36 badass logos of april 2010' selection on BrandStack
10.05.01 DesignYourWay includes Fusion logo in the 'Best Logo Inspiration In March And April' selection.
10.04.03 Brand Events logo was selected to be published in the annual book Logo Nest 01.
10.03.31 is selected in the 'Showcase of Web Design in Romania' article by ReadActor.
10.03.31 "Interview with Alex Tass graphic designer form Bucharest" @
10.03.19 Our website is included in "101 WP websites with awesome portfolios" list on the TemplateMonster's blog.
10.03.19 Let's Play, Autovox, Jocurile Tale, Beautiful Ambition Pictures, Beast Media logos featured @ Creattica.
10.03.10 & write "Un superbe portfolio à voir absolument... NOCTURN".
10.02.27 DesignYourWay includes Beast Media logo in the '43 of the best logos of January and February' selection.
10.02.17 TheCssAwards presents Bond and Delice logos in "New Brand Trends: Colour Logos".
10.02.03 7 new logos featured on Creattica's gallery!
10.01.18 Honoured to be included by TheCssAwards in "25 creative and inspirating web portfolios of 2009" top.
10.02.09 IdN (International designers Network) features us in their creators section. Thank you!
10.01.04 Francesco Mugnai includes us in "WordPress as a CMS: 30 amazing examples" article. Thank you again!
10.01.01 After 'Sites of the week 82' our website is selected in the 'Sites of the year 2009' top @ Abduzeedo!

09.12.10 Web&graphic designer Francesco Mugnai includes us in "25 Simply Beautiful Portfolios" article. Thank you!
09.12.28 Really honored to be featured in the IdN v16n6 (the Color Sutra issue) main article, 'It’s a colourful world'!
09.12.06 We're really happy to announce that was selected as Site of the Day by The CSS Awards!
09.12.02 Don't mind me TV is logo of the day at Logo From Dreams Awards. Thank you!
09.12.02 Logomoose places nocturn in their '10 great portfolios from our submitters – Part 2' article.
09.11.27 Introduced on Design in Europe website.
09.11.23 Logo From Dreams Awards (the most creative & inspired logos from all over the world): Brand events.
09.11.13 The Little Box of Ideas posts an overwhelming article and interview with and about us. Thank you Sneh!
09.11.11 Featured on Foliofocus, a showcase of outstanding portfolio websites.
09.11.03 The French edition of AdvancedPhotoshop posts our website in it's gallery. Thank you!
09.10.27 Nocturn symbol, Zvon and Delice logos got featured too on Creattica showcase.
09.10.26 Tony Geer writes about the (re)design process of The Trinidad & Tobago Energy Conference
09.10.26 ArtMark, Siolino, RegatulCailor, Dol, CasaTimis, BrandEvents logos & our website are featured on Creattica.
09.10.08 Our business card is featured on Card Observer, the best business cards design gallery.
09.10.07 Egea logo selected on 'Showcase of logos with folds'. Thank you.
09.09.21 Highest rated logo @ Czechlogos: Trinidad&Tobago Energy Conference 2010.
09.09.20 We are honoured to be the highest rated studio @ Czechlogos (new website showcasing european logos).
09.08.19 Mari Oshaug wrote some overwhelming lines on her blog about our 'fantastic creativity'. Mange tak!
09.08.06 Brand Events logo showcased in Abduzeedo's A-Z logos selection for letter B. Thank you Paulo!
09.07.23 'Time in future' project is showcased on Swatch/MTV Playground website.
09.06.01 Quite a lot of projects are from today published on Typo/Graphic Posters international posters directory.
09.05.19 Brand Events logo was presented by Graphicdesignblog in 'Follow logo trends 2009' article.
09.05.11 Brand Events logo gets selected in Logopond's gallery. Thank you!

08.04.28 Very proud that an entry for Hugo Create is now printed in 'Hugo Boss Top 100 designs of the year' book.

06.08.01 2nd place at "Way to Golden Drum" (copy-writing/concept contest) held by Graffiti BBDO Romania