Nights Awards ’09

Annual event organized in Romania by portal deciding after a public and private voting system the tops of romanian electronic music industry (dj’s, clubs, music productions, events, venues, guests, sets etc). Below you can see: the awards 2009 logo treatment with 3 proposals and the final approved logo for the event, flyers for the main event and the workshop, afterhours flyer and event materials – invitations and press badge, the 60 pages booklet and photos with it at the event, TV graphics from the awards event, diploma and dj Optick showing his award diploma in front of the logo wall (spider), visuals and laser shows from the party. Logo treatment / update, flyers & posters for main event, workshop & afterhours, invitations, press badge, wallpapers, diplomas, logo pop-up spider banner, 60 pages A6 booklet, press ads. January-February 2009 awards 2009 - logonights awards 2009, special guest kenny larkin, kristal glam club - poster & flyernights awards 2009 workshop, kristal glam club - posternights awards 2009 afterhours shade club - posternights awards 2009 - invitatios & press badgenights awards 2009 - booklet covernights awards 2009 - booklet insidenights awards 2009 - booklet @ workshopnights awards 2009 - booklet @ awards 2009 - desktop awards 2009 - desktop wallpapernights awards 2009 - tv announcements nights awards 2009 - tv votesnights awards 2009 - special diplomanights awards 2009: dj optick showing his award diploma in front of the logo wall (spider)

Nights Awards 2009 Visuals

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