Silver 2009

Silver Afterhours is the place where you go when you want to continue a good night party. Silver is the first Bucharest club that focused on the afterhours events, the parties in here starting often at 5am. There were parties that held even 12 hours beating up the main events that they were aftering at, the good sound, vibe, music and fun being a priority for this place. From the 2008 autumn until 2009 spring we designed posters and flyers for events where best romanian djs played at starting with Monochrome (livio & Roby, George G), Rpr Project (rhadoo, Pedro, Raresh), Pagal, Koo, Optick, Rosario Internullo, Adrian Eftimie, Dave Van N, Negru, Marika, Ali Nasser, Faster, Proof, El Cezere, Praslea, Kozo, Plusculaar, Thornado and many many others. Flyers, posters, interior large size decorative banners. September 2008 – March 2009

silver afterhours - 4 years anniversary - 48hrs+0 non-stop music - marathon party - El Cezere, Kozo, Dan Andrei, Sebo, Prik, Funky, Pagal, Roger, Fady, Faster, George G, Hadro, o.c.b., g.i.c., dan 0, rammon & kicki, 2 crazy bastards, adrian eftimie, rosario internullosilver afterhours nye 2010 - faster, fady, adrian eftimiesilver after summer party - ramzi, noiz, andusilver flyer - one underground - proof, rosario internullo, adrian eftimiesilver afterhours - program martie, flyer & postersilver afterhours - g.i.c., optick, faster, flyer & postersilver afterhours - ali nasser, mel-o-dee, marika, flyer & posterSilver Afterhours - pagal, ali nasser, mel-o-dee, flyer & postersilver afterhours - disco party, flyer & postersilver afterhours - miss fuzzy, fouchat, cristi cons, negru, faster, flyer & postersilver - gic, mihai popoviciu, rosario internullo, faster, flyer & postersilver afterhours - faster, fouchat, flyer & postersilver afterhours - faster, flyer & postersilver afterhours, flyer & postersilver afterhours - praslea, proof, fouchat, cristi cons, flyer & postersilver afterhours - rosario internullo, faster, flyer & poster

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