Raveology & Zigzag

Raveology are an underground party organizer with minimal-house events and Zigzag collective an electronic music gather founded by producers and djs, both projects based in Bucharest, Romania. We designed flyer for events that took place in Studio Martin, Shade Club, Violette or Cocoloco Music Club having local and international guests as Paco Osuna, Suedmilch, Florian Meindl, Kool etc. Posters, flyers, cd and cd covers for releases, logo. September 2008 – May 2009

studio martin closing partystudio martin - florian meindl, pagal, rogerstudio martin - suedmilch, roger - zigzag, go freak, raveologyshade club - suedmilch, plusculaar - zigzag, go freak, raveologycocoloco - paco osuna, skoozbot, plusculaar, roger - zigzag, go freak, raveologycocoloco - dannidat, plusculaar, roger  - zigzag, go freak, raveologycafeneaua de presa - kool, roger - zigzagkristal glam club - dj w!ld, basti grub

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