Posh Club an always fresh location entertaining guests with famous local electronic dj’s (Adrian Eftimie, Raoul Russu, Kool, Rosario Internullo, Marco Briguglia etc) and international guests (such as Moshic), having both main and afterhours parties. Posters, flyers, outdoor 12x2m banners. December 2007 – December 2008

posh - adrian eftimie, kool, raoul russu, namoposh - adrian eftimie, raoulposh valentines: rosario internullo, adrian eftimie, kool, raoul russu, chriss, proof, marco brigugliaposh optickposh - christmas moshic, raoul russu - frontposh - christmas moshic, raoul russu - backposh - christmas: moshic, raoul russu - 12m outdoor banner


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