Nagual 2008

‘A huge bar, a sleek DJ booth, a stage for live performances. Warm colors, simple and functional design Nagual was a multi tasking environment: a chill out lounge and a tasty food experience during the week, a venue for experimental live performances, a volcano pumped up by the world’s greatest DJ’s. A music temple specially build to insure the perfect sound experience, the ultimate place for a nice end of the working day and the place for the hippest weekend parties.’ Robert Babicz, Rosario Internullo, Kool, Livio & Roby (Monochrome) are just some of the names that made the parties last even more than 12 hours in this great place. Posters, flyers, menus, press ads and inserts. January – April 2008

nagual 2 crazy bastardsnagual koolnagual 2 crazy bastards winternagual roby, monochromenagual elczr, kozonagual fasternagual kozo, el cezerenagual_adrian_eftimie_roby


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