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Starting december 2008 we delivered graphics for & DjSuperStore parties series Love Sensation Djs Remember, Djs Love Nights, Showcase, Funky Fridays, Djsuperstore Anniversary, Awards, Anniversary, 1stofmay, events that took place in clubs like Studio Martin, Kristal Glam Club, Silver Afterhours, Daimon Club, Frame, Suburbia, Helios, Club Lite, Pride, Rush, Cocoloco or Violette with famous romanian djs Livio & Roby, Rhadoo, Pagal, Kool, Raoul Russu, Optick, Rosario Internullo, Adrian Eftimie, Marika, Gojira, D-laid, Mesmer, Negru, Dave Van N, Jay Bliss, Mihai Popoviciu, The Model, Vania, Dan Andrei, Ok Corral, Tbf, Kozo, El Cezere, Ali Nasser, Cristi Cons, Miss Mara, Dana Nicula, Narcissa, Hermannstadt Collective, 2 Crazy Bastards and also having international guest stars as Anthony Collins, Krafty Kuts, Nick Curky, Reboot, Johnny D, Markus Homm, Shades Of Gray, Agnes, Eddie Leader, Slyde, Kenny Larkin. Flyers, posters and online banners. December 2008 – ongoing

love events dj's remember - kool, raoul russu, pagal, marika, nepotu - kristallove events dj's remember - kool, raoul russu, marika, nepotu - kristalsuburbia - slyde, gojira, mesmernye - rush - rosario internullo, dan 0, pagal, kooldaimon - vania, victor stancov, adrian patrascupride club - opticklove events afterhours - rosario internullo, pagal, daimon club, 6 novemberlove events afterhours - kool, club helios, 6 novemberkool @ frame club - october afterhoursclub regal - grand opening - raoul russusummer set party versus edition - optick, adrian eftimie, rosario internullo, kool, livio, roby, marika, vania, greeg, roger, negru, george g, el cezere, kozo, praslea, prik, dan andrei, boola, dan ohudd label night - agnes, eddie leader, pagal, jay blisslove sensation dj remember - adrian eftimie, rosario internullo, raoul russu, koolbeef label night - shades of gray, ok corral, victor stancovdaimon club - - funky friday 02: tbf, kosta & narcis, jo.edaimon club - - funky friday 02: tbf, kosta & narcis, showcase 001 @ daimon club: pagal, hermannstadt collective (jay bliss, mihai popoviciu) - Set You Up EP release (Level non zero)daimon club: flyer funky fridays - rosario internullo, nepotu, vlad si adi showcase 002 @ daimon club: adrian eftimie, proof, showcase 003 @ daimon club: narcissa, kool, maradaimon club - showcase 004 / school's out! - rosario internullo, adrian eftimie, showcase 005 - kozo, el cezere, cristi showcase 005bis - kozo, el cezere, cristi showcase 006 - negru, livio, showcase 007 - markus homm, mihai showcase 008 - digital only, rosario showcase 008 - digital only, rosario showcase 009 - raresh, praslea, showcase 010 - optick, adrian showcase 011 - kozo, el cezere, cristi showcase 012 - ok corral, the model, showcase 014 - rhadoo, el cezere, - 8 years anniversary - daimon club - rosario internullo, adrian eftimie, optick, raoul russu, kool, marika, pagal, dave van n, jay blissbrakbeat nights - marika, gojira, sinkronize, d-laid, showcase - daimon concert lounge teaser1stofmay: proof, 2 crazy bastards, rosario internullo, adrian eftimie, nick curly, johnny d, pagal, raoul russu, dave van n, dana niculacocoloco - cadenza night: reboot, rhadoo, kozokristal glam club - kraftykuts, marika, d-laid

studio martin - kool, optick, pagalkristal glam club - djs love nighs: adrian eftimie, rosario internullo, raoul russuviolette - anthony collins, dave van n, opticksilver afterhours: nepotu, dave van nviolette - 2 crazy bastardsviolette - kool, funkyviolette - adrian eftimie, proofviolette - kool, funkyviolette - dana nicula, miss maraviolette - christmas: livio & roby, negru

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