Kudos Beach 2007

“Kudos no es una playa, es una familia.” says their motto. The party starts in the north side of Mamaia, the Black Sea Coast’s most fashionable resort. Close to the hotels and everything you need, Kudos Beach is the place to be for unforgettable parties. Or incredible tan. Or both. Every weekend of the summer, Romanian and international Djs are making the beach too small for the party people that gather here from every corner of the world. Rosario Internullo, Kool, Pagal, Livio&Roby, Negru, Optick, Adrian Eftimie, Ali Nasser, Rhadoo, Pedro, Raresh, Daniele Tignino, Dusan, Zee, Cartman are just some of the guest djs that played there during 2007 summer. International DJ Lee Burridge noticed in an interview for beatport that Romania may be the next Ibiza. Kudos is one of the places who made him think that being a special guest year after year after year. Posters, flyers, press ads, menus, beach banners. May-August 2007

kudos beach 1 mai - pagal, rosario internullo, optick, adrian eftimie, kool, rhadoo, pedro, raresh, ali nasserkudos beach & nagual - livio, adrian eftimie, rosario internullokudos beach - livio & roby, adrian eftimie, optick, kool, rosario internullokudos beach - kool, dusan, raresh, rosario internullokudos beach - kool, rosario internullo, zeekudos beach - kool, rosario internullo, cartman - justmusic.fmkudos beach - livio, kool, el cezere, atenakudos beach

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