DjSuperStore is the lead provider of DJ gear and music production equipment in Romania, also offering full service stage management services. Identity: letterhead, business cards, cds, car branding. Print: presentation offer, press ads. Web: layouts, banners, wallpapers. December 2008 – ongoing

djsuperstore - letterhead & business cardsdjsuperstore - letterhead & cd

Car branding. The car had 2 ‘face-lifts’. The black is the final one.

djsuperstore - car branding

Presentation offer of 30 pages.

djsuperstore - presentation offerdjsuperstore - presentation offer

Press ads/inserts promoting the new Pioneer DVJ1000 and DjSuperStar DJ-ing school.

djsuperstore - dvj1000djsuperstar - print

Websites layouts for DjSuperStar, ShowStyle and DjSuperStore Rental.

djsuperstar website layoutdjsuperstar website layoutshowstyle layoutshowstyle layoutdjsuperstore rental layoutdjsuperstore rental layout

DjSuperStore website banners.

djsuperstore - website banners

DjSuperStore wallpapers.

djsuperstore - wallpaperdjsuperstore - wallpaperdjsuperstore - new

Incoming search terms to this project:

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