Bond Records

Bond Records is a clubbing records label based in Germany. We developed both the label identity including collateral materials and releases graphics (vinyl labels and online banners promoting each release). The label had releases for major artists like Minilogue, Andi Numan, Manuel de Lorenzi, Fabio Gianelli etc. Logo redesign, business cards, stationery, e-mail signature, envelopes, labels (vinyl stickers), online banners, myspace layout, t-shirts concept. 2008.

bond records: logo, logo colors, secondary logo versions, e-mail signaturebond records: stationery, business cards, envelopesbond vinyl, front and back - zoombond records: vinyl stickersbond records: online banners for label releasesbond records: vinyl sleeve/casebond records: 007 release t-shirt proposal

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