Raisani Records

Dubai based records label. We worked covers, labels, stickers for releases like Markus Homm Electric Soul Ep, GranTorino – Shake your black star (cd & vinyl graphics), Deeper Sounds Of Miami (mixed my Markus Homm), Raisani Miami Sessions (mixed by Haneef Raisani – the label owner), Lenny Fontana ft Carla Prather – One day, etc. Below in the first image you can see Raisani old logo and 2 variations done by us, first one celebrating 5 years of existence of the label, and second one used for hip-hop events.  Logo treatment variations, vinyl labels, vinyl covers, cd and cd covers, business cars. December 2007 – March 2008

raisani logo treatmentraisani vinyl sticker and cover exempleraisani releases: booklets and cdsraisani business cards


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